Local elk called Lumpy

This is Lumpy, the elk that calls Whispering Pines her home. She can often be seen meandering our roads, seemingly unafraid of humans. No one knows the cause of her misshapen face, but she seems to be surviving quite well. [Photographer: Hazel Conley] 

hourglass rock

The World Famous Hour Glass Rock. Well, maybe not so famous since it's hardly visible through the shrubbery.[Photographer: Jennifer Wilkerson] 

small waterfall

This is someone's backyard. I won't tell you whose it is, but aren't they lucky?[Photographer: Jennifer Wilkerson] 

Bob and Steve cooking pancakes

It was Steve Steven's and Bob Hull's turn to cook the pancakes for the October pancake breakfast offered by the WPFD Women's Auxiliary.[Photographer: Jennifer Wilkerson] 

Pat Durham and Penny Hull serving up pancakes and smiles

Pat Durham and Janet Weber serving up pancakes and smiles.[Photographer: Jennifer Wilkerson] 

its a dogs life

It really is a dog's life in Whispering Pines.[Photographer: Jennifer Wilkerson]